Tafsir can be false?

Tafsir can be false?

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Tafsir can be false?Tafsir can be false?

Written by Abdur Razzak bin Yusuf Can Tafsir be false? From the e-book you presumably can understand how a lot Tafsir of this nation is stuffed with false and false hadiths and fabricated tales. So, can this year's Tafsir of Abdur Razzak bin Yusuf's e-book be false?

Because many sorts of information are required for tafsir. 98% of those that are doing tafsir on this country are not commentators. Because the books of Tafsir are full of pretend and Zayef Hadith and Banwat stories. Everyone should be cautious about this.

Tafsir ki mitta hote pare by Abdur Razzaq bin Yusuf should be read by all Muslim brothers and sisters. Hopefully Tafsir could be a lie - this guide written by Mr. Abdur Razzak bin Yusuf will benefit everyone later.

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