Lone Wolf Saga

Lone Wolf Saga

By GDV Games and Software

Lone Wolf SagaLone Wolf SagaLone Wolf SagaLone Wolf SagaLone Wolf SagaLone Wolf SagaLone Wolf Saga

Lone Wolf Saga

The most famous Game book Saga, the world of Lone Wolf, the Kai Master created by Joe Dever, is coming in your Android Phone.

The Saga is complete!

This software is an entire collection of the saga, ranging from the Kai ranges of Flight From the Dark and Fire on the Water, up to The Curse of Naar and the last levels of the Kai Grand Master.

This application makes use of the internet edition of the books, as collected, edited, corrected and re-published at www.projectaon.org

Fight your method via the minions of the Darklords, navigate the seas of the Magnamund, and make wise use of your Kai Disciplines to survive in an hostile setting.

Use the options menu to achieve access to the map, to your stock and to all of the options for the sport; if you benefit from the recreation, please help it by donating through the in-game interface.

Create and save extra profiles, select you favourite Kai Disciplines, rigorously select your means exploring the world of Sommerlund, play and replay the game free of charge for as lengthy as you like; if you discover any bugs, you possibly can send me a report in real-time through the game-interface.

I want to remark, I do not personal any rights regarding the books; Lone Wolf is a creation of the good Joe Dever, and the Internet editions used in this software belong to the employees and members of www.projectaon.org; I am, nevertheless, liable for every thing relating to the algorithms and interfaces of this software.

I hope you'll take pleasure in your adventures within the Magnamund!

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