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falling cloudsfalling cloudsfalling cloudsfalling clouds

Lyudmila Mikhailova, Falling Clouds

Series: Open Book

What will we know about these with whom we live next? Lina never requested herself that question. Your own street, your personal issues - this would be dealt with first! But in the future, secrets from the life of her family members introduced her to the edge of the abyss. Who will help in a hopeless situation? Grazhin's good friend, whose habits defies explanation? Or Stas, who appeared suspiciously on the proper time in Lina's life? Who is he: a good friend that may hold him from falling, an enemy ready for the second to push him within the again, or only a hunter for historic amethysts of the Polish Queen Bona Sforza?

The rights to the work belong to Lyudmila Mikhailova (s) 2016

For the quilt and icon of the e-book, a photograph of actress Victoria Sid was used, together with her sort permission, in addition to with the kind permission of photographer Elena Vasilchenko.

Cover photo: Elena Vasilchenko. Photographer's page:


In the picture, actress Victoria Sid: https://www.fb.com/victoria. mukovnina

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