The Bible in Uzbek (Cyrillic)

The Bible in Uzbek (Cyrillic)


The Bible in Uzbek (Cyrillic)The Bible in Uzbek (Cyrillic)The Bible in Uzbek (Cyrillic)The Bible in Uzbek (Cyrillic)The Bible in Uzbek (Cyrillic)The Bible in Uzbek (Cyrillic)The Bible in Uzbek (Cyrillic)

This app is the Cyrillic-script version of the Uzbek Bible. The app is also out there in a Latin-script version and in a Cyrillic or Latin-script version for iOS.

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The translation was carried out from the original languages in which the Bible was written (Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek). Included with the translation are individual guide introductions, section headings, footnotes, glossary, illustrations, tables and maps. For detailed details about the interpretation and these examine resources, and for a common introduction to the Bible, see the sections entitled Sўz boshi and Muқaddas Kitobga kirish included in the app.

The following data is taken from the start of the preface to the 2016 printed edition of Muқaddas Kitob:

This publication is the first complete translation into the Uzbek language of writings which have been revered as sacred for greater than two thousand years. The Bible consists of the sacred writings of the Old and New Testaments. These writings embrace the books commonly identified to Uzbeks by the titles Tavrot, Zabur and Injil. It additionally contains the writings of the prophets.

In 1992 the New Testament in Uzbek was released beneath the title Inzhil. That earlier translation of the New Testament, after being fastidiously reviewed and revised, is included in this publication. Now, after greater than twenty years of labor by a group of certified specialists, the entire Bible is on the market within the official language of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Although the setting of the Bible is almost totally in western Asia, its influence has prolonged across the globe and touched many cultures. The Bible has been translated into more languages than another book in historical past. It is subsequently rightly thought of a classic of the world’s literary heritage.

The Bible is efficacious not only as a great work of literature. It is a historic report of God’s coping with humanity, exhibiting the method in which for folks of all times to be reconciled with their Creator and with one another.

The translation was accomplished in a scholarly manner, with cautious research and a focus to element. This is obvious not only within the translated text itself, but also within the preparation of supplemental materials included to reinforce the knowledge of readers. At the same time, nice care was given in translation to the fashion of language used, in order that the textual content would each be easily understood by and sound pure to today’s readers.

In the Bible we discover out that God invitations all people right into a relationship with Himself, which is the essence of the Good News. Such a relationship relies on what Jesus Christ did in coming to earth, his demise and resurrection. In Jesus God’s love got here down from heaven to earth. Jesus demonstrated God’s character using human language and culture. Because of this, we can perceive God in a method that in any other case wouldn't have been attainable. It is our hope that on account of this translation of the Bible into the Uzbek language, many will discover peace with God through the Good News it proclaims.

Muқaddas Kitob

© Institute for Bible Translation, 2016, 2018, 2020

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