Ancient Terror: Lovecraftian Strategy Board RPG

Ancient Terror: Lovecraftian Strategy Board RPG

By Pixel Art Battles

Ancient Terror: Lovecraftian Strategy Board RPGAncient Terror: Lovecraftian Strategy Board RPGAncient Terror: Lovecraftian Strategy Board RPGAncient Terror: Lovecraftian Strategy Board RPGAncient Terror: Lovecraftian Strategy Board RPG

PC model:

Based on well-known Tabletop game.

Use your technique and ways to kill the monsters.

What lurks beneath the ocean? Godzilla, Kraken or Cthulhu?

An ancient evil is stirring. You are a half of a staff of unlikely heroes engaged in a world wrestle to cease the gathering darkness. To achieve this, you’ll need to defeat foul monsters, travel to Other Worlds, and solve obscure mysteries surrounding this unspeakable horror. The effort may drain your sanity and cripple your body, but when you fail, the Ancient One will awaken and rain doom upon the identified world.

Ancient Terror is a single participant cooperative recreation, based on the fiction of H.P. Lovecraft and inspired by the basic board recreation. In Ancient Terror, investigators travel the globe in an pressing quest to avoid wasting the world from a diabolical, all-powerful Ancient One. With sixteen investigators, numerous monsters, and lots of of possible encounters, every sport supplies an unique and epic journey.

Players cooperatively fight an historical evil stirring from its slumber and should seal off this awakening horror earlier than it's too late. Players journey across the globe battling monsters, fixing mysteries, and equipping up, all to banish the Ancient One threatening to destroy the world.

This strategy horror RPG tabletop sport is separated into three sections: the motion phase (where each participant takes actions for his or her character), the encounter part (where gamers draw encounter playing cards and experience the world round them) and the mythos part (where the Ancient One will get an opportunity to act out their nefarious deeds).

Collect playing cards to enhance your character. Roll dice to check your ability and luck.

* No WIFI required

* Strategy RPG adventure experience

* Horror atmosphere

* Turn based combat

* Improve your character

* Single player

* Offline

* Based on the fiction of H.P. Lovecraft

* Implementation of a well-liked tabletop game

* Strategy function taking part in game

* Set in the Cthulhu Mythos universe

* Roll cube, improve skills, acquire treasures

* Godzilla!

* Cast arcane spells

* Fight numerous Monsters

* Free to play

* 16 distinctive investigators

* Hundreds of encounters

* Tons of things, circumstances, artifacts spells ready for you to discover

Face the evil Ancient Ones: Cthulhu, Yog-Sothoth, Azathoth and Shub Niggurath

Feedback appreciated Ideas the means to improve this game are welcome!

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