Chess Tactics Art (1400-1600 ELO)

Chess Tactics Art (1400-1600 ELO)

By Chess King

Chess Tactics Art (1400-1600 ELO)Chess Tactics Art (1400-1600 ELO)Chess Tactics Art (1400-1600 ELO)Chess Tactics Art (1400-1600 ELO)Chess Tactics Art (1400-1600 ELO)

A fundamental course on chess tactics for Beginners. The course contains one hundred fifty instructing examples and 1500 new exercises useful for consolidation of acquired knowledge. The exercises are categorized according to more than 30 tactical methods and motifs.

This course is within the collection Chess King Learn (, which is an unprecedented chess teaching method. In the collection are included courses in ways, technique, openings, middlegame, and endgame, break up by levels from newbies to experienced players, and even professional players.

With the assistance of this course, you can enhance your chess data, be taught new tactical tricks and mixtures, and consolidate the acquired knowledge into practice.

The program acts as a coach who offers duties to solve and helps to solve them should you get stuck. It will provide you with hints, explanations and show you even striking refutation of the errors you may make.

The program additionally accommodates a theoretical part, which explains the methods of the game in a sure stage of the sport, based on actual examples. The concept is offered in an interactive method, which suggests you cannot solely learn the text of the teachings, but in addition to make strikes on the board and work out unclear strikes on the board.

Advantages of this system:

♔ High quality examples, all double-checked for correctness

♔ You must enter all key strikes, required by the teacher

♔ Different ranges of complexity of the tasks

♔ Various targets, which need to be reached in the problems

♔ The program gives hint if an error is made

♔ For typical mistaken moves, the refutation is shown

♔ You can play out any place of the tasks in opposition to the computer

♔ Interactive theoretical lessons

♔ Structured table of contents

♔ The program displays the change within the score (ELO) of the player through the studying process

♔ Test mode with versatile settings

♔ Possibility to bookmark favorite exercises

♔ The application is customized to the larger display of a tablet

♔ The application does not require an internet connection

♔ You can link the app to a free Chess King account and clear up one course from a quantity of gadgets on Android, iOS and Web on the identical time

The course features a free half, in which you can test the program. Lessons provided within the free model are totally practical. They allow you to take a look at the application in real world conditions before releasing the next topics:

1. Chess Tactics Art (1400-1600)

1.1. Opening the lines

1.2. Clearing necessary squares

1.3. Clearing the lines

1.4. Decoy

1.5. Decoying to Knight forks

1.6. Blocking

1.7. Distraction

1.8. Distracting items from defending the back rank

1.9. Interception

1.10. Discovered attack

1.11. Double check

1.12. Exploiting a pin

1.13. Mill

2. Chess Tactics Art (1400-1600) - practice

2.1. Opening the d- and e- files

2.2. Opening the c- and f- files

2.3. Opening the b- and g- files

2.4. Opening the a- and h- files

2.5. Opening files

2.6. Opening diagonals

2.7. Clearing ranks

2.8. Clearing diagonals

2.9. Clearing important squares

2.10. Clearing files

2.11. Decoying to pins

2.12. Decoying the king right into a mating net

2.thirteen. Decoying to assault lines

2.14. Decoying to Knight forks

2.15. Decoying to attacks by opening lines

2.sixteen. Decoying to assaults by retreating pieces

2.17. Decoying to Queen forks

2.18. Distracting items from defending important lines

2.19. Distracting items from defending the again rank

2.20. Distracting items from defending different pieces

2.21. Distracting pawns

2.22. Distracting items from defending necessary squares

2.23. Distracting pinning pieces

2.24. Intercepting a piece defending one other piece

2.25. Intercepting a chunk protecting from checkmate

2.26. Unblocking by decoy

2.27. Discovered attack

2.28. Using discovered attacks when attacking the King

2.29. X-ray

2.30. Mill

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This course is predicated on a bestseller by the skilled coach Sergey Ivashchenko which turned a type of chess publishing sensation and sold over 200,000 copies. More than 1200 coaching exercises are meant for newbies. Elementary and simple tasks (1-, 2- and 3-way) are used as instructing mate...