Wallbox control

Wallbox control

By Christian Kaiser

(although the screenshots are in German, the app is localized to English now!)

With this app you'll be able to swap the charging process of the supported chargers on and off and outline the charging current. And with go-eCharger additionally the desired charge amount.

You can even choose the vitality to charge (if supported by the wallbox) in addition to set a timer to begin charging.

It can be potential to hold out automatic cost current control for supported photovoltaic systems to be able to draw as little cost current as attainable from the grid. See below.

A detailed description with instructions and so forth. can be discovered at


Please learn description to finish, it isn't a lot ;)

This is not by way of the cloud, however a direct access to the wallbox in the local network. Faster than by way of the cloud, impartial of exterior computers, and sooner than utilizing a browser.

Of course, the app also supports access through entry factors (e.g. if the garage is connected by way of cable/AP) or VPN.

Currently supported (Work in Progress - please feel free to recommend new ones):

* Go-eCharger

* Keba P20/P30 c und X


* Phoenix EV Charge Control EM-CP-PP-ETH

* Walli Light Pro (contains Phoenix EV Charge Control EM-CP-PP-ETH)

* nrgKick Connect

* SimpleEVSE/WiFi (Normal Mode Always Active)

* SmartWB (contains SimpleEVSE/Wifi)

* Wallbe Eco 2.0 (s)

* cFos Power Brain (withwithout S0)

* TP-Link Wifi Plug Kasa System

It can also optionally log when and which motion was carried out, with load quantities etc., additionally a widget for fast access is included.

For charging the photovoltaic system, support is presently being provided (also Work in Progress - please contact me if necessary):

* Sonnen (REST und JSON) ( battery if present)

* Kostal Pico oder Plenticore ( battery if present)

* E3/DC Simple (Modbus) ( battery if present)

* Fronius (JSON und Modbus) ( battery if present)

* SolarEdge (Cloud) ( battery if present)

* SolarEdge (modbus) (no battery)

* Fronius Energy Meter (JSON) (no battery)

* Generic JSON

* Senec Home V2

* SMA Energy Meter (Speedwire) (no battery)

* SMA Sunny Home Manager - SMA Energy Meter

* Solar Log

* RTC Power

* Kostal Smart Energy Meter (Modbus) (no battery)

* Energy Manager EM300-LR (JSON) (no battery)

Yes, I know the app isn't free, it prices a beer - no less than here in Southern Germany. But my working time is not free either, and Google doesn't permit donations. But it is assured to be free of promoting, espionage and knowledge collection. And: also desires or Wallbox inquiries are in demand!

In case of dissatisfaction I still pay back the money after a couple of days.

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