Custom Color Picker: D #39;Best Artist #39;s Color Picker

Custom Color Picker: D #39;Best Artist #39;s Color Picker

By Kristian Olidana

Custom Color Picker: D #39;Best Artist #39;s Color PickerCustom Color Picker: D #39;Best Artist #39;s Color PickerCustom Color Picker: D #39;Best Artist #39;s Color PickerCustom Color Picker: D #39;Best Artist #39;s Color PickerCustom Color Picker: D #39;Best Artist #39;s Color Picker

Introducing “Custom Color Picker” app, a customizable shade picker for all types of artists.

Learn practical drawings FAST AND EASY!

Custom Color Picker app will allow you to decide the best colors on your sensible drawings using your personal custom palette.

Made for colored pencils artist, watercolor pencils artist, acrylics artists, pastel artist, and so forth....

Create your shade chart - Scan your colour chart - Begin colour selecting.

App Features:

1. Color chart recorder

2. Smart shade picker

3. Mix and blend up to 3 colors.

4. Photo grid

5. Adjustable shade depth

6. Palette Cloud Backup service (You will never lose your custom palette in any platform)

7. Palette sharing via cloud (Build and share your palette with friends)

Full entry to all features plus Palette cloud back-up service and sharing for a one time buy.

• Link to Privacy Policy/Terms of Use: (also accessible contained in the app)

Terms of Use:

Privacy Policy:

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