Dictionary of Musical Theory

Dictionary of Musical Theory

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Dictionary of Musical TheoryDictionary of Musical TheoryDictionary of Musical TheoryDictionary of Musical TheoryDictionary of Musical Theory

Dictionary of Musical Theory

The free application Dictionary of Musical Theory is very pleasant, it has a wonderful and easy interface. The most appropriate option for a pocket dictionary that is at all times at hand. From which you can learn lots of new and interesting things, for instance, that:

Abacus Harmonicus

Abacus Harmonicus, or Abacum Arithmetico-Harmonicum is a table and tabular method described in Athanasius Kircher's complete 1650 work on music, the Musurgia Vniversalis. The objective is to generate counterpoint combos. Also talked about in early editions of the Encyclopædia Britannica, it's best described by the author's caption: fantastic table that reveals all the secret artwork of counterpoint.

Bar (music)

In musical notation, a bar is a phase of time comparable to a specific number of beats during which each beat is represented by a particular notice worth and the boundaries of the bar are indicated by vertical bar lines. Dividing music into bars offers regular reference factors to pinpoint places inside a musical composition. It additionally makes written music simpler to comply with, since each bar of workers symbols may be learn and performed as a batch. Typically, a bit consists of a quantity of bars of the same size, and in modern musical notation the variety of beats in each bar is specified at the beginning of the score by the point signature. In simple time,, the top determine signifies the number of beats per bar, while the underside quantity signifies the note worth of the beat.


In music, homorhythm is a texture where there's a sameness of rhythm in all elements or very similar rhythm as would be utilized in simple hymn or chorale settings. Homorhythm is a condition of homophony. All voices sing the same rhythm. This texture ends in a homophonic texture, which is a blocked chordal texture. Homorhythmic texture delivers lyrics with clarity and emphasis. Texture during which components have totally different rhythms is heterorythmic or heterometric.


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