Crowdy: Agility Guidance

Crowdy: Agility Guidance

By Incuvo SA

Crowdy: Agility GuidanceCrowdy: Agility GuidanceCrowdy: Agility GuidanceCrowdy: Agility GuidanceCrowdy: Agility Guidance

In Crowdy: Agility Guidance, you information animal’s legs, paws, beaks or claws into the shelter!

To do this, you have to route each incoming animal and plan their movement with agility so they will not stomp on one another.


* Colorful, funny and cute animals! (Except the vicious chicken, it can be actually imply )

* Rivers, bridges, bushes, fences and different unexpected obstacles

* A lot of farms to unlock and beat their document score

* Did we mention animals working wild in chaos? Especially ducks!

*Can you unlock all animals? Beat your records, open new thrilling ranges and discover out! Don't let all these chickens, cows and pigs run in complete chaos

From studio that gave you Createrria (TM), Castle Revenge (TM) and Super Hero Fight Club (TM) comes the joyful, humorous and children-friendly game with quite a challenge...

If you want the appliance, please don't forget to fee us and tell your friends!

If you have some ideas, you can send us feedback ([email protected]), we are going to appreciate it!

Thanks to everybody for support!

Download Crowdy: Agility Guidance game now and use your best steerage and apply quick, cunning agility to your movements!

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