Galaxy Hoppers: Crossy Wars

Galaxy Hoppers: Crossy Wars

By Wizard Games Incorporated

Galaxy Hoppers: Crossy WarsGalaxy Hoppers: Crossy WarsGalaxy Hoppers: Crossy WarsGalaxy Hoppers: Crossy WarsGalaxy Hoppers: Crossy Wars

▪ Fight with pals for highest on-line score!

▪ Randomly created levels (never play the same thing twice!)

▪ Challenging scenarios!

▪ Destructible environment!

▪ Awesome roster of heroes with unique abilities!

▪ Many clever enemies!

▪ Seriously Fun obstacles!

▪ Unlock lots of humorous characters!

▪ Share videos or pictures of your finest moments!

Star within the galaxy's most epic endless street crossing game!

Super challenging, but fun for any age!

*** Galactic Road Crossing ***

This game packs tons of the belongings you've come to like about street crossing games however ups the ante x 2! Galaxy Hoppers improves upon our other crossy games with multi-planet exploration and absolutely destructible environments! We guarantee that that is the most epic, most fun, most challenging crossy game in the galaxy! Sure there are cars, highway, rivers and logs, but now throw in aliens, robot wars, ice monsters, hearth traps, house ships and a totally destructible environment!

*** Hop Across the Stars ***

Blast across the galaxy from one star to the next. You'll find yourself voyaging across a quantity of planets each with it's own challenges! Run via the fire traps of the lava planet! Slice through the forrest jungle avoiding racing speeders and mech warrior bots! Hop via the sand alien wars rapidly avoiding the stampeding Sand Mammoths and giant worm pits! Hop in your life throughout the frozen world earlier than the ice monster awakens! Freely-hopping enemies will close in in your location and pressure you to react shortly. Can you survive and declare the highest rating or will the Galactic Wars take you?

*** Compete with Friends ***

Compete with your folks online for the best rating and prove that you are the greatest survivor in your solar system. Check your rating often and improve your sport. Show your mates who the true star is. Climb to the highest of the web Google Play leaderboard while you force their scores downwards! As you degree up and improve your roster of characters you'll turn into unstoppable!

*** Funny Characters ***

There are tons of funny characters to unlock! Each one has their own distinctive capacity. Deflect lasers because the sabre wielding area ninja or blast away alien after alien with smuggler's blaster sidearm. Each time you play your character will achieve Experience Points moving you from degree 1 to 2 to 3 and so on. Levelling up will unlock new characters with new talents. Unlock all characters to complete your personal unstoppable galactic force!

This is a super enjoyable, lovingly crafted game. And better of all it's totally free!

Welcome to the world's crossy-est house wars shooter game!

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