Cooped Up

Cooped Up

By Nitrome

Cooped UpCooped UpCooped UpCooped UpCooped Up

You are the newest addition within the exotic fowl sanctuary. The other older birds have been Cooped Up slightly too lengthy and are a branch wanting a perch! Ahhemmm... they is a bit crazy!

Fling your self up up and away however watch out, there's more than simply birds that you must avoid. However do not be afraid to snack on the way in which...

...and do not let the opposite birds laughing at you get you down! Pick yourself up and twang twang twang again!


- Intuitive twanging fling gameplay.

- Simple decide up and play for all!

- Full sport centre help to compete with pals and foes

- Eat worms, spiders and flies! Hmmm yummy!!!

- Boost you method up like a steam train!

Important information

This sport incorporates third get together advertising which may be removed through a one time IAP. This recreation accommodates cash which can be collected inside the sport for free, purchased with actual cash or by way of earned via promotions. This sport incorporates cross promotion for different Nitrome video games and this is not removed with the IAP for elimination of ads.

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