Hard Working Man

Hard Working Man

By Bedevil

Hard Working ManHard Working ManHard Working ManHard Working ManHard Working Man

Hard Working Man is a really original game in which the main character is a really talented, creative and hardworking man. We begin with practically nothing, the one factor we've is a chunk of an empty subject with nothing in it. Our major objective is to increase our farm and earn some big cash.

We earn our first cash by choosing blueberries and mushrooms within the forest. Then we go to the bazaar to promote what we have collected. With the money earned, we will purchase tools and numerous kinds of seeds

In the field we plant corn, onions, carrots, potatoes and heaps of different greens within the beds. We even have an orchard the place we can plant apple and pear timber. After building a greenhouse, we've the opportunity to grow tomatoes and pink peppers

When our character is low on vitality, then you can go to the lake and catch some fish. Fry the acquired fish on a fireplace. Such fish renew us a lot of power.

Tools could be crafted at a special desk or forge. To construct such a forge, we first need to gather some parts, such as: bricks, concrete, nails, boards and tiles.

The most attention-grabbing factor in the sport is the flexibility to rebuild your own vehicle from the wreckage of the automotive that's within the junkyard

There are a lot of other buildings and tools that we will build or create, but you must play it your self to find it all

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