ADV Rajin Group [Premium Set]

ADV Rajin Group [Premium Set]


ADV Rajin Group [Premium Set]ADV Rajin Group [Premium Set]ADV Rajin Group [Premium Set]ADV Rajin Group [Premium Set]ADV Rajin Group [Premium Set]

* Caution * This premium set contains 5 extra contents along with the primary a part of Raging Group. There can additionally be an everyday model where you can attempt 1 major route α for free (search for Raging Group!)

* Approximately 500MB at the first startup Download the external information of. It is also really helpful to provide about 1.5GB of free area for set up.

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◆ ◇ Werewolf Game J Horror Suspense! ◇ ◆

The human wolf recreation (you are human wolf?), Which has become immovable in recent years, has been changed by dull-colored butterfly and togabitonosenritsu. D.M.L.C.-Deathmatch Love Come- scenario writer arranges eerily and realistically! Motorcycle traveler Aki Fusaishi will problem the eerie religion that unfolds in the mountainous villages that preserve quirks in fashionable Japan and the homicide ritual known as Yomi Abomination Feast.

◆ ◇ Keep your reminiscence and return to death! ◇ ◆

The main character, Yomei, is caught up in a loop phenomenon known as returning to demise. Every time he dies in a banquet, he is returned to Furidashi with a fragmentary memory. In trade for a number of deaths, get the information KEY to pave the means in which, unlock locked choices and escape from the banquet and return to death labyrinth.

◆ ◇ Voice, music, unprecedented luxurious specifications! ◇ ◆

KEMCO x dwango Through an uncommon collaboration, future stars within the voice actor world belonging to Dwango Creative School will breathe soul into a complete of 18 characters. enhance. Please get pleasure from a big volume of character voice. Must hearken to songs with vocals such as the theme song Kirinonegai! It is a super-masterpiece that surpasses the conventional work in all features such as the variety of character CG, the number of occasion CG, and the quantity of text!

* Currently, it has been confirmed that BGM playback abnormalities occur for a very quick time on OS 6.0 terminals. There isn't any downside with the progress of the game, however if you're utilizing the corresponding device, please check it by trial play.

* When publishing a play video *

There is a restrict to the range that can be revealed. Please be positive to refer to the Guidelines beneath.

★ Strategy and knowledge change at KEMCO Strategy Square ★ < /font>

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