My Ninja Girlfriend : Sexy Moe Anime Dating Sim

My Ninja Girlfriend : Sexy Moe Anime Dating Sim

By Genius Studio Japan Inc.

My Ninja Girlfriend : Sexy Moe Anime Dating SimMy Ninja Girlfriend : Sexy Moe Anime Dating SimMy Ninja Girlfriend : Sexy Moe Anime Dating SimMy Ninja Girlfriend : Sexy Moe Anime Dating SimMy Ninja Girlfriend : Sexy Moe Anime Dating Sim

*You can play this game till the tip for free!

*Choose your responses to see new scenes and develop closer to the characters.

*Enjoy an interactive romance visible novel during which your life is turned upside down when three modern-day ninjas commit themselves to you…


Your life has all the time been pretty odd. That is, till a brand new woman joins your class and also you inadvertently save her life while attempting to help her in a battle.

Declaring herself to be a modern-day ninja, she names you her new Master and vows to serve you to repay the debt she owes. Not solely that, however quickly her apprentice arrives to do the identical. And just when you assume you’ve received things under control, their rival decides the best way to show her superiority is by serving you as well.

From holding duels within the cafeteria to calling you “Master” in entrance of everybody, these three ninjas have thrown your life into chaos. How are you capable to presumably make them stop?

Then again… are you sure that’s what you want?


* Skilled Ninja Kasumi

Kasumi can struggle higher than anyone you realize, but if you save her life, she insists upon repaying you by using her abilities in your service.

* Awkward Overachiever Yui

Idolizing Kasumi above all other ninjas, Yui wants to be just like her. Unfortunately, she all the time appears to be only a bit misplaced.

* Hotheaded Rival Raina

Raina is Kasumi’s rival and can do something to show herself superior. After meeting you, she opts for much less violent strategies of exhibiting her dominance.

As you get to know Kasumi, Yui, and Raina, will you discover a approach to return to your regular life? Or will you discover that you simply prefer life with these three ninjas to life without them?

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