The secret room of Kobayashi Zhengxue's revenge

The secret room of Kobayashi Zhengxue's revenge

By Genuine Studio Ltd

The secret room of Kobayashi Zhengxue's revengeThe secret room of Kobayashi Zhengxue's revengeThe secret room of Kobayashi Zhengxue's revengeThe secret room of Kobayashi Zhengxue's revengeThe secret room of Kobayashi Zhengxue's revenge

Hong Kong, room escape, felony investigation reasoning, puzzle solving! The romantic and suave legal policeman who likes to be humorous, solves strange instances repeatedly, easily copes with a massive quantity of instances and crafty criminals, till that incident occurred... In order to escape the particular person he dislikes essentially the most, he was transferred to this metropolis. However, what awaits him will be the best enemy for the reason that police and a huge conspiracy.

Kobayashi Zhengxue - The Secret Room of Revenge contains

The Missing Child

The Ghost in the Night

The Vengeance The Chamber of Secrets

The main content of the four chapters of Finding the True Murder,

In addition, there are further chapters of Student Times. Each chapter has its personal unique subject and elegance.

Game Features:

Duel System

As the plot progresses, players need to have a one-on-one duel with suspects. Whether you can successfully testify in opposition to a prisoner is dependent upon your reasoning capability.

Multi-purpose mobile phone

In the sport, Kobayashi will have a cell phone. This mobile phone permits you to talk with the characters in the sport. You also can discover the easter egg numbers of different characters within the recreation, try to discover all of them and chat with them.

Light Bulb System

When the light bulb is on, move the slider on it, you presumably can see what Kobayashi is thinking about now, and sometimes get some details about the case and the key room Important news and clues, bear in mind to use them flexibly.

This work is a plot-oriented reasoning work with average difficulty. Friends who like detective reasoning and escape room shouldn't miss it.


Q: After downloading, open the game, and the language selection display screen will seem. Clicking will not proceed the sport, what ought to I do?

A: Please verify the storage of the telephone Whether the house is sufficient, the game needs to obtain and set up the growth content of about 320M. If the cell phone house is inadequate, the sport will not be able to run.

Q: The telephone has house, however nonetheless cannot enter the game

A: It has been checked that this downside happens in some cell phone models that use SD card as the primary memory, because The extension content material can't be put in appropriately, and it is technically to be resolved.

Q: What should I do if I can't get gold cash after watching advertisements in the game?

A: Watching ads to get gold coins is determined by the advertiser's server to return the viewing outcomes. Due to cell phone community switching or network sign reasons, the outcomes is probably not obtained from the server.

But don't fret, there might be compensation for watching commercials in the sport, and typically you might get a couple of gold coin reward.

Q: Does the sport have to be connected to the Internet?

A: In addition to watching ads, you do not want to be related to the Internet. You can play on a single participant. At the identical time, should you delete the game, the progress and gold cash shall be gone. Please don't delete the sport before clearing the sport to avoid shedding the progress.

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