By Glitch Games


Veritas is a game of mystery and discovery from Glitch Games, creators of the Forever Lost trilogy, that poses the query; what is reality, and does it even matter?

Having volunteered to take part in a research carried out by Veritas Industries, you now find yourself waking up in a small room with no reminiscence of what occurred the day before.

The final thing you remember is signing on the dotted line and following some good people wearing white coats, however they couldn’t have been lying to you could they? They were doctors for goodness sake...

In this narrative puzzle game, you may:

* Explore a darkish and foreboding world filled with lies and mysteries. You'll have to explore the entire facility to work out what occurred and how one can escape.

* Take pictures of everything you find using the Glitch Camera. Be they posters, clues, partitions, or disturbing blood stains - and use them later to assist remedy puzzles and piece collectively the mystery.

* Solve plenty of puzzles, ranging from inventory based item puzzles all the method in which to pun-based conundrums. All intricately designed to maneuver the story along, you'll discover no pointless filler right here - simply common purpose made filler.

* Be entranced by the beautiful soundtrack composed by Richard J. Moir. It's so good you won't mind listening to it, on repeat, endlessly, when you're trapped.

Use the Glitch Camera to:

* Take photos of everything you find. Be they posters, clues, partitions, or disturbing blood stains.

* Write notes on them like an actual detective. Use much less paper, kill fewer trees, save the planet!

* Use your notes to resolve puzzles. Pop multiple pictures out so that you just can have a look at them at the same time.

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