MegaBots Battle Arena

MegaBots Battle Arena

By Sia Ding Shen

MegaBots Battle ArenaMegaBots Battle ArenaMegaBots Battle ArenaMegaBots Battle ArenaMegaBots Battle Arena

Ready to be the subsequent CHAMPION? Create the last word fighting robot and battle your approach to the highest of MegaBots Battle Arena!

Megabot Battle Arena is a chaotic robot building robot fighting game where you construct your own destructive robot fighters referred to as Megabot. Pilot it to destroy the opponent's fighting machine in any means potential inside the robot battle arena! Enroll in battlebot fashion robotic preventing and declare the championship title!


First, you have to prepare your robot combating machine for the battle arena. Build combating robotic intuitively by dragging elements to it, customize colours and more! Enter robot battle simply with just a button tap, you'll be matched with an opponent's robot fighting machine in a few seconds. Prepare for the ultimate battle machine crash battle – this may be a real steel robot fighting!


There shall be robots and players that shall be higher than you. Don’t let them outsmart and surprise you. Activate nicely timed boosters in robotic battles to dodge attacks, close in, or deal additional harm through speed. Your robotics constructing and robot fighting abilities are both equally essential and can decide your end result in the battle arena!


Get aggressive and unlock new robot elements by successful fights in championship and climb up the ranks. It’s a true multiplayer robotic preventing competition. Be prepared and equip your robotics battle machine with the craziest, most brutal weapons and leap proper into the robot combating actions! The battlebot enviornment will demand the very best battle robotic from you! Can you turn into the ultimate word robotic fighting champion with your robotics skill?


This free robotic battle enviornment recreation will put you in nail-biting crash enviornment fights. But, you could also showcase your robotics creativity and fervour by customizing your robotics battle machine. Experiment with totally different robotic builds to find your good robotic fighter. More than 50,000,000 attainable robotic mixtures await! Use any of them within the robotic crash arena and see which considered one of them works the most effective for you.


• Championship mode with 23 Tiers

• Build your personal unique battle robot easily

• Unlock more than 100 distinctive robot components and weapons

• Fight in opposition to different participant's Megabot worldwide, show off your robotics skill

• Exciting battlebot fighting experience with components destruction

• High-quality 3D graphics with cool physics gameplay

• Battlebots meet cool mecha robotic battles

• More than one hundred,000,000 possible robotic builds and combinations

Now the time has come to make your title and depart your mark within the gorgeous robot construct and crash arena fighting robotics! Will you build a battlebot that can smash any other battle robot within the robotic battle area fights, or you will master robot fighting expertise and dominate the robot battles in a different way?

Try essentially the most thrilling robot fighting game of the year 2020.

Download Megabot Battle Arena now to take pleasure in this asynchronous multiplayer robot constructing and robot fighting game!

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