GTS. Gangs Town Story. Action open-world shooter

GTS. Gangs Town Story. Action open-world shooter

By Avega Games

GTS. Gangs Town Story. Action open-world shooterGTS. Gangs Town Story. Action open-world shooterGTS. Gangs Town Story. Action open-world shooterGTS. Gangs Town Story. Action open-world shooterGTS. Gangs Town Story. Action open-world shooter

Ready to attempt your future in a gangland?

Install Gangs Town Story and turn out to be the top of the mafia!

Welcome to the actual life gangster simulator. The underworld has always existed. Become an actual hero to kill the gangster mafia in the nice warfare. Explore the mafia world with its gangs, skirmishes and puzzles. Only you resolve what to do and when!

Your goal is to create your personal criminal state. Immerse yourself in an open world with shooting, racing, brawling, gangsters, thieves and corrupt cops. Complete various missions and destroy enemies.


This nice open city is crammed with gangs, thieves and cops. Tall skyscrapers and opulent living attract criminals. Take part in gang wars. Steal vehicles and fight cops. Conquer neighborhoods and become the top of the mafia! Explore each inch of this grand open metropolis, the place every vice has a value.


This gangster world-of-crime game is full action missions, road fights with gangs and police anytime and wherever, car thefts and loopy city driving around the grand open world! Join the action and claim your turf! Defend it from rival crime gangs and raid others. Start getting sources that might be helpful to you for the future felony warfare.


You have all of the tools to turn into an actual gangster. Use tons of of grand guns and automobiles. Pick up your personal arsenal of weapons and create a trendy gangster. Earn respect on the felony streets. Use lethal weapons, flamethrowers, grenades and much more. Defeat gangsters and police. Conquer enemy gang areas and create your individual nice gang. Arm your self and hold your territory.


It is an ideal crime game for fans of third individual shooters, tank and car driving, mafias and gangs. Choose a car of your liking and full many spectacular missions. Steal and create your personal car park. Organize automobile races and escape from the chase. The cops and gangsters will chase you, but you can win. Use the tank to have fun and defeat the police.


Try on completely different outfits and create your own crime type. There is a big clothing retailer out there in your character. Some pieces of clothes unlock further superpowers. These abilities will assist you to full missions, steal and defeat gangsters. Clashes with the police will get more exciting.

It's time to become an actual hero in an open criminal city. Arm your self, steal cars and struggle the police. To defeat enemies, full missions and build your nice felony empire. You will emerge victorious in this struggle.

Install Gangs Town Story to get the gold commonplace for open-world action games!

Sin city is waiting for a gangster such as you. Run the good world of crime. Become the head of the mafia!

! This recreation is not a clone of GTA V, GTA San Andreas or GTA Vice City. The sport has its personal unique storyline. Many mechanics and actions are proprietary that aren't found in different video games of this style.

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