By Nitrome


The wall in front of me starts to shake and hurtles in direction of me….I’m dead!

Spike holes are underfoot it’s already too late …I’m dead!

I take my last breath because the slime creature engulfs me….I’m dead!

Like at all times I’m brought again to strive again….is somebody serving to me or do they only really want me to hurt?

Enter the world of Redungeon!


• Endless, random, more and more tough dungeons.

• Dozens of complex traps rigorously designed to cease you.

• Unlockable characters, every with distinctive game-changing skills!

• Great music by Dave Cowen, the composer behind Leap Day and Rust Bucket.

• Lots of indignant, colourful pixels (and a number of pleasant ones).

• Swipe controls or on-screen buttons.

Important information:

This sport incorporates third celebration advertising which could be removed via a one time in-app purchase.

This game accommodates cash which can be collected inside the sport free of charge or purchased with real money.

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