BataGacha! --BataGacha!

BataGacha! --BataGacha!

By HZ3 Software

BataGacha! --BataGacha!BataGacha! --BataGacha!BataGacha! --BataGacha!BataGacha! --BataGacha!BataGacha! --BataGacha!

* 2019/5/28 6:50 As of: The freeze bug of the share button has been fixed, however there is a bug that some fashions do not show the sharing screen appropriately.

BataGacha! Is an enlightenment game to prevent the door from being forgotten.

The rule is simple, simply keep closing the door flowing indefinitely according to the state.

Simple operability could also be addictive sufficient to make you wish to shut all of it the way down.

If the door is open, press the バタ! Button and shut the door.

If the door is closed, press the ガチャ! Button and shut the key.

When the key is closed, press オッケー! Button to the following door.

If ghost seems when the door is open, the door is not going to close until you press the Butter! Button twice.

* We will use packet communication just for net ranking and advertisement show.

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