Android Mad Gear

Android Mad Gear

By masanosuke

Android Mad GearAndroid Mad GearAndroid Mad GearAndroid Mad GearAndroid Mad Gear

The strongest bike action that destroys everything!

The first motion recreation in the Shinki series! !!

An android mud gear made to defeat the traditional god machine Saber.

Everything that he took turns into scorched earth ...!

・ Jump of display faucet and Special Move button,

A deep system with two operations!

The primary operation is a run-and-jump game, but

It's a super-aggressive, super-speed recreation that's completely different from only a gap avoidance game!

・ Special Move! Combo! Handling!

The system created by the Shinki collection is a one-button leap recreation. Reproduction!

Step on the enemy, ram the boss, and recuperate the number of jumps when using the particular move!

Use your enemies to decide on a continuous combo!

・ Control three riders with completely different characteristics!

Mad gear with transcendent destructive energy,

Balanced solitary warrior Guy,

No energy, but ease of use and combo connection Pika's greatest Seina,

If you grasp the rider you like, you'll undoubtedly win!

・ Play all three modes!

Story mode of all 10 stages!

Free mode of all 30 levels the place the map adjustments each time you play!

A spectacular boss battle mode that retains combating bosses in a row!

・ A must-see especially for boss battles which are too hyper!

Experience the damaging energy of Mad Gear that kicks every thing away!

-Equipped with a ranking function!

Mad warriors on this planet,

Show your damaging power to your heart's content!

Bakuon !! Roar!

・ By the greatest way, Mad Gear isn't broken by Zako enemies.

To specific the power of the mud gear, it is not going to take any harm other than falling right into a gap or being attacked by the boss.

It appears that it isn't a game, but

One of the ways to precise mud gear is that it is a sport however not a recreation

It isn't any exaggeration to say that it's philosophy.


The building is blown away simply by scratching the mud gear, but it does not imply something to the game.

Rather, it just makes the display exhausting to see, but anyway, it's awesome! will do.

・ If you need to enjoy it as a traditional sport, do your greatest in Guy mode or Seina mode!

The enemy is strong. If you hit it from the entrance, you'll be damaged.

But you can defeat it by stepping on it. Gravity is amazing!

* The writer turns into a fully outfitted Komineman when driving a bike,

It is safe to keep the legal speed even whether it is pulled out by a street bicycle down a slope without slipping by way of I attempt to drive.

Runaway must be done only in the game, and bikers ought to have an extended and pleasant bike life!

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